Globo Gym Workout

Barbell Warm-Up Foam Roll   5 Rounds Power Cleans 5/5/5/4/3 KB Step up (5ea) KB Shoulder Press (5ea) Standing Plate Twists (30)     Hang Pull to Clean (3/1)x2 DB  Shoulder Raise (45/Lat) 2x10   Stretch Sequence Sauna 15 min      

Foam Roll Barbell Warm-Up   5 Rounds Power Cleans (3) BB Kneeling Shoulder Press (6) Shoulder Raises (8) Hangs (40sec)   Hang Pull to Clean (3/1) x3 Upright Row 3x15   Pistol Squats 2x6 Empty Cans Shoulder Raise 2x6   Sauna 20 min