Sauna Benefits

I like to include a 15-20 minute sauna session after every workout because of its health benefits. I typically workout at least 4 times a week so any given week I'm visiting the sauna 4-7 times after my workouts. Along with my session, I tend to consume either a protein shake or amino acid drink … Continue reading Sauna Benefits


“Wait, I actually like reading?”

Anyone else hate reading when they were younger?   Did you have the feeling that with every page, the longer the book went on? Or, you'd read 10 pages of a book for homework only to look back and think; "What did I just read?"   Have you ever had the thought, ________ (insert favorite … Continue reading “Wait, I actually like reading?”

Book Notes: The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect: Darren Hardy Real success cannot be achieved through quick fixes Remove the excess Compound effect is a realistic method that enables success by use of 6 fundamentals 6 fundamentals = operating system “Small, smart choices + Consistency + Time = Radical Difference” These little details compound over time to achieve BIG THINGS … Continue reading Book Notes: The Compound Effect