September 17th, 2019

Part A and B repeat week to week. Track these metrics

A. Strict Overhead Press
3 sets of 2-3 Reps (slightly heavier than 3-4 reps last week)
(all sets approx 1 rep shy of failure)

B. Pendlay Rows
4 sets of 3-4 Reps (SLIGHTLY heavier than same reps prior week, + 1 set added)
(all sets approx 1-2 reps shy of failure)

C. Alternate Movements x 4 sets each:

DB Floor Press
1 x 8-10 (lighter warm-up)
1 x 6-8 (moderate weight)
2 x 6-8 (work sets; heavier)

Rest 1-2 min then move to Pull-ups

Strict Pull-ups
Reps 2-2-2-2
*First 2 sets increase weight/difficulty, then 2 sets of 2 reps at same heavier load
*The final 2-3 “working sets” should have approx 1 quality rep left in reserve

*The best way to “Scale” the Pull-up in this case, is to perform Pull-up Negatives (lowers) (and shoot for 4 reps per set with 3-6 seconds per rep to lower)

Rest 2-3 min then return to DB Floor Press

D. 3 Rounds QUALITY and UNBROKEN sets (6 min cap):

Hang Power Cleans
10 Shuttle Runs (30 ft each way) “there and back” = 2 reps
12 Diamond Push-ups / Narrow Tricep Push-ups
(elevate hands as needed to ensure unbroken/quality sets)

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