September 16th, 2019

Part A and B repeat week to week. Track these metrics

A. Back Squats (Low or High bar; stay consistent)
3 sets of 2-3 Reps (slightly heavier than 3-4 reps last week)
(all sets approx 1-2 reps shy of TECHNICAL failure)

B. Stop Deadlifts (small pause/reset on ground each rep)
2 sets of 2 Reps (heavier than last week)
Then 2 sets of 2-3 Reps (15% load reduction from first 2×2)
(all sets approx 2 reps shy of TECHNICAL failure)

C. Front Rack Box Step-ups
4 sets of Reps 9-7-5-5
*All reps on one leg, then rest and switch
*Increase weight on ALL SETS ending with ONE top set of 5 Reps

D. Alternate Paired Supersets x 3 Rounds:

Barbell Hip Thrust (10s iso hold) x Reps 4-3-2 (increasing each round)
Bike Hard Effort x 45-30-15 seconds (increasing effort each round)
Rest 2-3 min then move to Core superset

Strict Toes to Bar or Strict Hanging Leg Raises x 1-2 reps from failure
(Expect reps to decrease each set as fatigue accumulates)
Deck Squats x AMRAP 30 seconds for “max reps”
Rest 2-3 min then return to Hip Thrust superset

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