August 5th, 2019

Part A repeats week to week. Track these metrics

A. Front-Rack Front-Foot Elevated Split Squats
4 x 6-12 Reps (per leg) (+1 additional set from last week)

B. Back Squat – High/Low Load sets x 3 Rounds:

2 Reps @ approx 80% max
Rest 30-60 sec to reduce weight to 65% of 2-rep set (approx 50% of “max”)
Max Reps unbroken @ 20X0 tempo (see note below)
Rest 2-3 min as needed for recovery

Note that the lighter sets are NOT meant to be to true failure at all. The 20X0 tempo keeps you from reaching that level of fatigue. Just end the set when you have the need to pause at the top of the rep

C. Reps 24-20-16 For Time and Quality
Choose weights where you can achieve the first 24 Reps UNBROKEN and then rest only as much as needed to ensure each set is unbroken

Barbell Deadlift (touch and go)
DB Front-Rack Lunges

D. One Round of Core Sequence:

#1 – Hanging Leg Raises OR Hanging Knee Raises (Rings/TRX)
Choose # of Reps to complete UNBROKEN for EMOM x 5 min

#2 – Decline or GHD Sit-ups
AMRAP 30 sec (Rest 1 min) x 3 sets

#3 – Accumulate 2 min of total Plank-Hold time
Use Rings/TRX to create instability if you think you can make it UNBROKEN to create instability

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