July 30th, 2019

Part A repeats week to week. Track these metrics

A. Bentover DB Rows (ADV: with scap depression as shown in video)
3 x 12-20 Reps

B. Strict Pull-ups x Reps 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Rest only long enough to ensure you can complete the NEXT set UNBROKEN
Target approx 15-RM as a proper difficulty for movement selection

Pull-up SCALING options as needed to meet 15-RM criteria

Rack Pull-ups
Rack Pull-ups (foot assisted)
Band-Assisted Pull-ups

C. AMRAP 2 min (Rest 90 sec) x 4 Rounds:

12 Barbell Curls @ 20X0 tempo (approx 30 sec)
20/15 Cal Row (male/female)
Max Reps Hang Power Cleans (same weight as Curls)

D. Barbell Face Pulls
5 sets of 15 Reps
(approx EMOM, light weight, super short rest)

E. One-Arm DB Preacher Curls x Reps 12-10-8 (per arm)
Use the same weight for ALL SETS and rest only while the opposite arm works

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