July 25th, 2019

Part A repeats week to week. Track these metrics

A. Barbell RDL or SLDL 
3 x 6-12 Reps
***Choose movement “RDL” or “SLDL” based on two criteria: First, whether your mobility can handle the longer range of motion of the SLDL, and second, which one you feel more in your hamstrings and less in your low back.

B. 2 Rounds:
*Note that back squat weights will be much lighter than normal. The set ends when you need to rest at the top of the rep

Back Squat x 8-12 Reps @ 20X0 tempo (no pause at top)
Rest 15-20 seconds
Front Squat x AMRAP 20 seconds (same weight as back squat)
Rest 2-3 min

C. One Round:

AMRAP 1 min – Hang Squat Cleans (light and fast)
Rest 1 min
AMRAP 1 min – Row Calories
Rest 1 min
AMRAP 1 min – Front-Rack Reverse Lunges (same weight as Squat cleans)
Rest 1 min
AMRAP 1 min – Bike for Calories
Rest 1 min

D. Superset x 3 sets each:

Ring/TRX Plank Sprawls x 6-12 Reps (Scale on knees)
Standard Abmat Sit-ups x AMRAP 30 seconds
Rest 2 min

E. DB Walking Lunges (held by side) x 60 Reps
30 Reps unbroken (15/leg, alternating)
Rest briefly
20 Reps unbroken
Rest briefly
10 Reps unbroken

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