May 16th, 2019

Part A, B and C repeat each week. Track these metrics for progress

A. Incline Barbell Press (approx 60-65 degree angle if possible)
3 sets of 15 reps

*Hybrid Shoulder/chest movement with steep incline.
*If your bench doesn’t move beyond the “standard 45-degree incline angle,” that is ok

B. Strict Pull-ups x 3 sets
Descending rep scheme (increasing difficulty) week to week, where the athlete will complete the FIRST WEEK at approx 75% of “max reps unbroken” using a controlled tempo of movement (no sloppy reps; no kicking of the legs for assistance; no dangling at the bottom). All reps should be performed at a 20X1 or 21X0 tempo

Scaling Options:

Rack Pull-ups
Rack Pull-ups (foot assisted)
Band-Assisted Pull-ups

Two Examples:
First is assuming 16-rep max, and second is assuming 8-rep max
(both assume controlled tempo throughout with no sloppy or cheat reps)

Week 1 = 12 reps / 6 reps
Week 2 = 9-10 reps / 4-5 reps (with SMALL added weight on both examples),
Week 3 = 7 reps / 3 reps (with slightly more added weight on both examples)
Week 4 = 4 reps / 1-2 reps (heavy)
Week 5 = start back over with 12 or 6 reps (now with minimal additional weight added)

***Note that an athlete with a 5-RM Pull-up could also make this work by going 4-3-2-1, decreasing ONE REP each week over the course of 4 weeks (and adding a SMALL bit of resistance accordingly)

C. Dips or Narrow-Grip (weighted) Push-ups
3 sets of 15 reps

**Choose either Dips or Narrow-Grip Push-ups as the primary Tricep Movement for this cycle. The first week in each mesocycle utilizes sets of 15 reps, so you should only choose Dips if you are very strong with that movement, or if you intend to use assistance during the higher rep weeks.

D. Reps 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 For QUALITY and TIME
Rest as needed to ensure all sets are UNBROKEN
***Choose a DB weight for each movement where you *could* achieve over 15 reps unbroken. This will ensure you can keep moving and won’t reach muscle failure

Flat DB Bench Press
Bentover DB Rows (both arms simultaneously) (see video demo)
Hang DB Clean and Press (see video demo)

E. 2 Rounds of “Shoulder Health” Sequence
*Powell Raise, the goal is to be able to use 10% of your bench press max for 8-10 reps of perfect form

Powell Raise x 8-10 Reps (per arm) (see video demo)
Rest 1 min
Banded Pull-Aparts x 15-20 Reps (see video demo)
Rest 1 min

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