May 3rd, 2019

Part A, B and C repeat each week. Track these metrics for progress

A. Incline Barbell Press (approx 60-65 degree angle if possible)
3 sets of 6 reps

*Hybrid Shoulder/chest movement with steep incline.
*If your bench doesn’t move beyond the “standard 45-degree incline angle,” that is ok

B. 8 Rounds

8 Bench Press

8 Strict Pull-ups

8 Cal Max Effort Bike

C. Seated Cable Row 3×8-10 + 10 Second Facepull hold

D. One Round
The goal is to use the SAME WEIGHT DB’s throughout the entire workout. It’s expected that you will need to break sets, but try to complete as quickly as possible with controlled tempo on all movements. If in doubt, scale lighter versus heavier

50 DB Curls (see video demo)
50 Lying DB Tricep Extensions (see video demo)
50 DB Upright Rows (see video demo)
50 Standing DB Shoulder Press

E. Tabata


Band Pull-aparts

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