April 22nd, 2019

A. Back Squats
3 sets of 6 reps

B. Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squats (see video demo)
3 sets of 8 reps (per leg)
*Load with DB’s held by side, or barbell in “front-rack” position.
Advanced trainees can use the “back-rack” loading option

C. Alternate Supersets x 3 Rounds:
First round slightly less effort (lower weight) and last 2 rounds heavier/harder

12-16 Reps Front-Rack Lunges (alternating, 6-8 per leg)
Superset Bike x 10/6 Calories HARD EFFORT (male/female)
Rest 2 min then move to Abs superset
8-12 Reps Decline Lying Leg Raises (ADV version)
Superset 10-12 Reps GHD or Decline Sit-ups
Rest 2 min then return to Lunge superset

D. Ring or TRX Plank Sprawls (see video demo)
2 sets of AMRAP (-2) = 2 reps from technical failure
GOAL is to reach the “AMRAP (-2) in the 8-12 rep range
Remember to scale movement on your knees (or by elevating rings significantly)

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