January 7th, 2019

Lower Body Strength

For parts A and B, make sure the weights start SUPER light. The first set of each should essentially be a warm-up set. The goal is to keep fatigue low, so try to think of the final two sets as the only “work sets”

A. Back Squat – 5 sets of 8 reps
Increase weight first 3 sets, then 2 x 8 at same load

B. Dorian Deadlifts – Reps 10-8-8-6-6
Increase weight each of first 3 sets, then 2 x 6 at same load
Note that this is a HYBRID movement between an RDL and a standard DL.

C. Squat Cleans – EMOM x 10 min:
First 3 minutes – 3 reps (light/moderate)
Next 3 minutes – 2 reps (moderate)
Next 3 minutes – 2 reps (slightly heavier)
Final 1 minute – 1 rep (heavier)

D. Back-Rack Lateral Lunges (Reps are TOTAL, not per side)

1 x 20 reps with BW only
1 x 16-20 reps with empty barbell
1 x 12-16 (light weight)
2 x 10-12 reps (increasing each set)

E. Hanging Single Leg Toes to Bar (see video demo)
Complete 2 sets of a challenging number of reps
***Scale by lifting leg shy of the bar and keeping consistent height target rep to rep
Rest as needed between each set

F. Ring or TRX Plank Hold
Accumulate 2 min as quickly as possible. If you can do unbroken, go for it!

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