December 17th, 2018

Lower Body Strength
Part A and B repeat week to week. Track these metrics.

***Note that Part A and B will alternate each week. First week, Back Squat in Part A and Deadlift second. The next week, Deadlift in Part A and Back Squat second.

A. Back Squat OR Deadlift (alternate each week)
Ramp-up sets x Reps 10-6-3-3-1 (The 1-rep set should be 5-10% heavier than the working set)
Working Set: ONE challenging set of 5 reps
Example if the top set of 5 reps for Back Squat is 315 x 5
135 x 10, 205 x 6, 255 x 3, 285 x 3, 330 x 1, Then working set 315 x 5
***Make sure to BEGIN cycle at about 85-90% of projected 5-RM for each lift

B. Back Squat OR Deadlift (alternate each week) – 5 sets of 3 reps (increasing)
The goal is for the FINAL set of 3 reps to be the “5-rep weight” you intend to use for the FOLLOWING week in part A

C. Front Squat “Clusters”
A “Cluster” is designated by 1.1.1 which equals 3 single reps, separated by 10 seconds each and the bar should be racked during the 10s rest period.
For each single rep, the focus should be on creating maximum power and explosion

Complete 5 sets of 1.1.1 (increasing weight each after each 1.1.1)
Example: 225 x 1.1.1 (10s rest b/w each single)
Rest 2 min, then increase weight for the second “cluster” of 3 single reps Etc…

D. GHR – 3 x 6-10 Reps (add weight or slow tempo to increase difficulty)
Weighted Hip Extensions – 3 x 10-12 Reps
(add weight with DB or plate held in front of chest)

E. 2 Rounds
Each round quickly with QUALITY on each CORE movement

15 Reps Weighted Sit-ups (DB over chest)
5 High Box Jumps (explosive, step down)
15 Reps V-ups
15 Cal Row (or Run 200m)
10 Reps Barbell Ab Rollouts
10 Shuttle Runs (30 ft each direction)
Rest 2-3 min before next round

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