December 27th, 2018

A. Back Squat 10-6-3-3-1 then one challenging set of 5 B. Pause Front Squat 32X1 - Work to a challenging triple C. RDL 3x10 D. 4 Sets Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat x10 Rear Foot Elevated RDL x10 Rest 1 minute between legs Rest 2 minutes after both E. 4 Rounds 5 Burpees 10 Hang … Continue reading December 27th, 2018

December 22nd, 2018

A. 3 Rounds 10 Front Squats (185) 1:30 Burpees B. One Arm Row 12-12-8-8/side C. 3 Rounds 12 Deadlift (225) 1:00 Row D. 6 Minute EMOM 1 Squat Clean E. Wide Grip Pull-ups 3x10 F. Seated Row 3x12 G1. DB Seated Lateral Raise 4x8 G2. Bent Over Reverse Fly 4x8