November 16th, 2018 – Washed Up Athlete

Friday – Upper Body (Pull Dominant) + Lower Body (Hamstring Dominant) 

Note: Part B is the NORMAL Part A programming. The “Part A” for today is meant to be a warmup for the low back and to instill some explosive work to prime the CNS for the heavier Deadlift work in Part B

A. Power Cleans (drop from the top, full reset each rep)
Reps 4-4-3-3-2-2-1
Increasing weight each set from 50% max to 80% max over the course of 7 sets

B. Alternate movements Building to TEST MAX for each

Testing 1-RM Deadlift is not necessarily smart. The impetus falls on you, the athlete, to be extremely prudent. Make sure that you DO NOT sacrifice proper positioning for loading. Make sure the back/lumbar stays completely flat and “taught” the entire time. Make sure the legs are pushing through the ground to ascend the load, versus pulling with the back. Always lead with the chest. Remember to refer to “max testing” protocol at the top of the page.

“Stop” Deadlifts
Rest 2-3 min
Chin-ups (supinated, palms facing) – ADVANCED athletes test 1-RM “Chest to Bar”
Rest 2-3 min

C. Chest-Supported DB Rows (see video demo)
Build to heaviest set of 10 reps (both arms simultaneously)

D. Banded Good Mornings – 50 Reps (see video demo)
Pretty light resistance band. Something you can knock out in 2 quick sets of 25


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