Globo Gym Workout


Foam Roll x Barbell Warm-up

4 Rounds

(3-5) Power Clean
(5ea) KB Push up to Row
(6ea) Band Ab Push out
(5ea) KB Reverse Single Leg Lunge
(3×10) Dual KB Band Restricted Squat
(3×20) KB Tricep Extension
(8×5) Pull Ups
(8×30 sec) Shoulder Hangs
(3×8) Shoulder Raise 45/Side
(3×8) Single Arm DB Press
Quick Stretch Sequence
Sauna 20 min



Foam Roll

3 Rounds

(8ea) Single Leg Front Bulgarian Split Squat
(5ea) Bosu Ball Single Leg RDL to Press
(5ea) KB Single Arm Stability Push Up
(10) KB Static Pull Across
+ Squat Accessory Work
(3×8) DB Shoulder Raise Front/Side
(3×5) Zottman DB Curls
(3×20) DB Hammer Curls
Sauna 12 min

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