November 9th, 2018 – Washed Up Athlete

Friday – Upper Body (Pull Dominant) + Lower Body (Hamstring Dominant) 

A. Alternate movements x 5 sets each:
Note that the Deadlift work is a “DELOAD” week to let the CNS rest before TESTING next week. Focus on perfect positioning and the SPEED of the pull on each rep

“Stop” Deadlifts – 5 sets of 5-6 reps @ approx 55-60% max
Rest 2-3 min
Chin-ups (supinated, palms facing) – Reps 3-3-3-2-2 (increasing each set to tough double)
Rest 2-3 min

B. Work to challenging but QUALITY weight for complex:
1 Hang Clean HIGH PULL
2 Hang Power Clean
1 Hang Squat Clean
2 Front Squats

C. Chest-Supported DB Rows (see video demo)
Reps 15-15-12-12-10 (increase weight each time the reps decrease)
*On the LIGHTER sets, focus on a quick pause and squeeze at the contraction of each rep

D. 2 Rounds:

Barbell Curls x 10-12 reps
Rest 1 min
Sorenson Hold x 45-60 seconds (add small weight in front of chest as feasible)
Rest 2 min

E. One Round:

35/25 Cal Row (male/female)
35 HEAVY Russian KBS
35/25 Cal Row (male/female)

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