October 22nd, 2018 – Washed Up Athlete

Part A stays similar week to week. Track the metrics for progression

A. Alternate movements x 4 sets each:
Note new rep scheme for Part A movements

One-Arm DB Rows (knee on bench) x Reps 12-9-6 (increasing) + 1 x 15 backoff set
Rest 2-3 min after both arms
Dips x Reps 7-5-3 (increasing) + 1 x MAX REPS with BW
Rest 2-3 min

B. Rope Climb x 6 Sets (Rest 1-2 min between sets)
(choose from 3 options of difficulty below, and note “sub” if no access to a Rope Climb)

Easiest – Rope Climb with Legs (sub in 3-5 Strict Pull-ups)
Intermediate – Rope Climb from seated (use legs when feasible) (sub in 5-7 Strict Pull-ups)
Advanced – Legless Rope Climb from seated (sub in 5-7 Strict “chest to bar” Pull-ups)

C. 3 Rounds:

10 Reps Hang DB Muscle Snatch (LEFT) (see video demo)
Superset: 15 Reps Leaning DB Lateral Raises (LEFT) (see video demo)
Rest 2 min
Repeat for opposite arm
Rest 2 min

D. Incline DB Bench Press – Build QUICKLY to challenging set of 10 reps

E. Chipper For Time and Quality:
For all movements, use the SAME DB weight that you achieved in Part D for 10-reps and rest as needed to complete all sets and reps unbroken

30 Cal Row OR Run 600m
16 Bent-over DB Rows
8 Incline DB Bench Press

24 Cal Row OR Run 400m
12 Bent-over DB Rows
6 Incline DB Bench Press

18 Cal Row OR Run 200m
8 Bent-over DB Rows
4 Incline DB Bench Press

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