October 9th, 2018 – Washed Up Athlete

Full Lower Body
Part A stays similar week to week. Track the metrics for progression

A. Back Squats – Reps 9-7-5 (Increasing weight)
*Add slowly week to week to the top set of 5 reps

B. Alternate Movements as you build in weight:
Rest as needed between each

Barbell RDL – Build to tough set of 8-10 reps
Front-Rack Walking Lunge Steps – Build to tough set of 12 steps (6 per leg)

C. EMOM x 8 min (alternating):
Use approx 65% of top weight achieved in part B

Barbell RDL x 8-10 reps
Front-Rack Walking Lunges x 12 Steps (6 per leg)

D. 3 Rounds
*Each round quickly, then rest 3+ min between rounds to ensure maximal effort on each round

200m Farmers Carry (heavy)
10 Burpee Deadlifts (with one KB/DB from FC in each hand)
15 Goblet Squats (with one KB/DB from FC)
5 Broad Jumps (for max distance, reset each rep)

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