Pro Baseball In-Season Workout – May 11th

Lower Body



Foam Roll

Frog Legs/Fire Hydrants

Mountain Climbers

2 Leg Lying Hip Extension

TRX O.H. Squat

Mini Band Hip Flex

Half Kneeling 1 arm ext. to stand


Goblet Squat – 2×8

DB Bulgarian Lunges – 3×6

1 Leg Contralat. Toe Touch to Box Jump OR Split Squat Jump – 3×4

Leg Curl on Ball – 2×10

D.B. RDL – 2×6

Med Ball Rapid Fireside Toss OR Side to Side Landmine Swings  2×10

Hip Mobes w/ Raise – 2×5

Birddog – 2×5

Physio Ball Rock and Reach

Mountain Climber Stretch

Piriformis and Psoas Pulse Stretch

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