Brewery of the Week – Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, FL)

One of Tampa’s finest breweries, Cigar City sits in a lively area on the outskirts of the City. It’s a large space that’s mostly dedicated to brewing and packaging. We were lucky enough to get an awesome tour of their facilities and learn what makes Cigar City a premium competitor in the industry. Their tasting room is small in comparison to the rest of the facility but is the perfect setting to enjoy all of their unique brews. The staff was extremely helpful, fun to talk to, and we felt like a part of the family during our visit. The name Cigar City is referring to nearby Ybor City, where in the late 1800’s, Cuban and Spanish immigrants facilitated the Cigar industries’ rise in America.

Cigar City is most known for its beer, “Jai Alai IPA.” This beer is what pushed me to check out Cigar City in the first place. It is easily one of my favorite IPAs and is mostly sold down here in the South. I’m lucky that I can always grab a six-pack at my nearby Publix. Our Tour Guide confirmed that the “Jai Alai IPA” is their most popular beer and its one of a kind taste lures beer lovers from all over to travel down here and try some for their selves. I can attest to its elite quality.


Cigar City is undoubtedly one of Tampa’s bests and it’s a must visit if you’re in the area.



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