Brewery of the Week – Sea Dog Brewing Company (Orlando, FL)

Seadog checks off all of the boxes for a great brewery.  In clear view of the highway in Orlando, I had driven by a few times and knew that I had to stop in and grab a few.  We went in on a Friday afternoon just as they were opening. With the doors wide open, this brewery emitted a very welcoming atmosphere with a friendly staff.  They had a ping-pong table going with some other fun pieces in place.  The vibe was relaxed with a solid guitarist busting out classics, making me feel at home.  Good beer and live music – Does it get any better? It’s a pretty decent size with a center bar and a good amount of seating.  The food was on point and the happy hour menu’s prices delivered on their promise.

My favorite brews were the Monkey Fist IPA and the Island Time Session IPA.  The Monkey Fist was balanced with a hoppy makeup and the Island Time was smooth with a fruity tang and fit in perfectly with Seadog’s laid-back vibes

Overall, I absolutely loved it.  Like I said, it had everything you could want in a brewery and made for a perfect late afternoon hangout.  Didn’t really expect this down to earth Brewery in an extravagant town like Orlando but Seadog definitely delivered.


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