Food Day – Frenchy’s Cafe, Clearwater Beach

This past week I had some time to check out Clearwater Beach.

Amidst the awesome beaches, entertaining street performers, and endless shops is Frenchy’s Cafe.  It’s obvious they are a local favorite because they have a couple of restaurants within a few miles of each other.  Earlier in the day, we stopped to have some drinks at the one on the beach, 50 ft. from the coast.  This led us to check out their inland cafe for dinner later in the day.

Frenchy’s is exactly what you want in a beach town restaurant with a good selection of seafood, American food, and a laid-back atmosphere.  Grouper is their specialty so I had to make sure I had my share.  I was able to try the Cajun Grouper sandwich and the Buffalo Grouper sandwich.  Labeled as the cow of the sea, by me, Grouper is a pretty mild fish which is why I assume it’s great to coat in spices and sauces.  Frenchy’s did it right and these sandwiches were on point.  They offer two sizes, the normal sandwich was big enough for me and like most of my favorite sandwiches it was a little messy and had a vibrant taste.  The fresh grouper was the highlight and the sauces worked well with the overall dish.

I’m a huge buffalo sauce guy, usually have it on chicken but fish is something that I needed to try.  I’m taking a page out of Rich Cho’s playbook (Great food blog, and labeling it as an all-star in the buffalo category.



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