Spring Training Log – Feb. 20th

Shoulder Strengthening/Arm Care


On-Field Warmup



  • 2 sets Down and Back: 60yds, 50yds, 40yds, 30yds



  • 25 throws at 90 ft.





Foam roll

kneeling t-spine rotation

Med ball wall circuit dribble



Superset 1

Foot up (box) 1 arm DB Row – 4×8

Split Stance 1 Arm Row on (Keiser) – 4×6

KB or DB suitcase carry – 4×20 yds.


Superset 2

Weighted push-ups – 4×8

Skater into side toss – 4×3(3)

High hips bear crawl (Slow) – 4×10 yds.


Superset 3

1/2 kneel cable row to KB Press – 3×8

Banded Y Pulls – 3×8

Bar Hang – 3×30 sec,



2×30 sec.

Foam Roll Chest Stretch

Banded Lat. Stretch

T-Spine Ext. on Bench w/dowel


Shoulder Strengthening/Forearms




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