Spring Training Log: Feb. 19th

Shoulder Strengthening/Arm Care

On-Field Warm Up


8 – 3/4 Poles

40 throws at 75ft.



Foam Roll

Cossack Side to Side

Mountain Climbers

1 Arm Cable RDL w/ Row


Rack KB Off Set Split Squat – 3×6

Step Back 1 Leg Jump –  3×3(3)

Roll into Low Lunge – 3×3(3)


Valslide on Box DB RDL – 3×6

Wall Thruster (deep squat) – 3×8

Global Hip Mobe (Hands UP) –  3×5


Lateral Sled Pull – 3×15 yds.

Frog Stretch w/ Valslide – 3×8


Glute Wall Stretch

Piriformis Stretch

Child Pose w/ Reach-Through




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