Brewery of the Week – Resident Culture Brewing Company (Charlotte, NC)

Live music, good beer, and bags. The perfect way to spend any Saturday afternoon, right?

I was lucky enough to get a taste of this special brewery this weekend. Lucky for us, it happened to also be a can release day for 3 of their top beers (PJ Party, Punch for Lunch, and Twisted Metal). All 3 were fantastic and we ended up deciding to take a pack of Twisted Metal (NE Style IPA) back home with us. By the time we left the Twisted Metal selection and had been completely tapped. I think that means that the haze craze has trickled its way down to Charlotte as well.

Everything about this place was happy and the entire crowd all had the same mindset, which was was to drink beer, smile and listen to some music. The facility itself is quite large and will be great for outdoor drinking once the weather heats up.


Overall, I’m just lucky that we got to experience another great brewery that seems to be doing everything right.

resident culture brewingngn.jpg


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