Spring Training Log: Day In The Life – Feb. 7th

With workouts in full-swing, I will be posting a daily log of my workouts and activities.  It’ll give you an inside look at the life of a pro baseball player.

7:25 a.m. – Breakfast

8 – Shoulder Strengthening Program/Arm Care

9 – On Field Stretching and Warm Up

9:15 – 35 throws at 60 ft.

9:35 – Conditioning/Speed

2 Laps around the entire complex (4 baseball fields)

10:00 – Core Workout

3 sets:

Lateral Crawls – 10 yds. (Down & Back)

Split Squat Band Circles – 8 each way

Rotational V-Ups – 15

Lat. K.B. waiter carries over small hurdles – Down and Back

10:35 – Forearms/Shoulder Strengthening

11:00 – Done


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