Brewery of the Week – Hermosa Brewing Company

I found myself down in Hermosa Beach this past weekend and happened to run into this gem of a taproom. Only 2 weeks old and Hermosa Brewing Company has already brewed up the best Hazy NE IPA I’ve ever had.

Hermosa Brewing Company’s taproom is located a couple blocks away from the beach right in the heart of downtown Hermosa Beach. Perfect location for anyone spending the morning playing beach volleyball and needing a refresher right after.

The brewery is run by two business partners Dave and Jorge. Two awesome guys from different backgrounds and you can tell by talking them that they just love brewing beer. HBC is a little different from some of the other breweries that we’ve gone to in the past due to the fact that it is a nomadic brewery which refers to an outfit in which the brewmaster(s) do not utilize a brick and mortar facility of their own, but instead rent out space – tanks, hoppers, barrels, on and on. Therefore, they’ve started with 6 original beers that they brew offsite.

1.) Lost Sirena – Mexican Lager

2.) Windmill – German Pilsner

3.) Pier to Pier – Pale Ale

4.) Stand Up – West Coast IPA

5.) Hazy A.F. – NE IPA

6.) Out the Back – Double IPA

I mentioned earlier that the NE IPA was the best one that I’ve ever had but the Pilsner and Lager are out of this world as well. Most Pilsners and Lagers that I’ve had have tasted the same (light and nothing special) but somehow these guys have made both of theirs have an amazing taste while still being light. They were also testing a new device and a new beer inducing blood oranges into it. I didn’t get the chance to taste the final product so I’ll have to head down there again soon to test it out.

This is by far my new favorite brewery in the LA area for a couple of reasons: the atmosphere, the location, the 2 cool owners, and the unbelievable beer. The sum of all of those things makes this place the ultimate hangout.



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