Beer/Brewery Review – Brew Hub

Brew Hub, in Lakeland, FL, has a different vibe than most Northern breweries.  Although it’s not next to any water, this brewery portrays itself as a hybrid between a relaxed beach bar, and a big industrial brewery.  The workers were friendly and the atmosphere, like most good breweries, was communal.  It was modern in the sense that all of their beers were featured on a large screen and their service was linked with the Untapped app.  It was cool to see what others were ordering.  They had a good sized menu with their own beers along with their partners.  There was great variety, most of the beers were from Florida breweries.  In addition,  The great live band and rotating food truck made for a perfect night.

My beer of choice was the ChIRMAgerd IPA (American, 6% ABV, 60 IBU).  I butchered the name and felt like an idiot.  Almost left right there.  Luckily, I stayed and the beer was elite.  It is made by Brew Hub and was one of the better IPA’s I’ve had in awhile.  It may have been the surrounding atmosphere but it tasted fresh.  Like it had been crafted under the Florida sun.


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