December 16th, 2017 – Washed Up Athlete


2 Rounds

  • Shuffle Shuttles
  • High Knees
  • Inch Worms

-100 Push-Up Challenge (Every break in push-ups do 40m sled push)-


Tabata (Versa Climber)

Strength 1

A1. Bench Press x10 x8 x6 x4 x2

A2. Machine Reverse Fly 5×10

Strength 2

B1. One-Arm Incline Bench Press 3×10/side

B2. Standing One Arm Row 3×10/Side


3 Rounds

Seated Curl 3×12

Body Saw 3×12


12 Min EMOM

Minute 1: 10 Inverted Rows

Minute 2: 12 Wall Balls

Minute 3: 8 Front Squats (135)


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