Why Coach?

Why Coach?

What’s up, everyone! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted and the brother-in-laws are up in arms. Not really… but we will see if they catch wind of this post.

Quick catch up for ya’ll, I’m eight days from my wife’s due date with our first child. We have both started new jobs, purchased a home, built a fence and started to design our life together. Fun times!

Last time you heard from me, I was the Director of Training for a fitness franchise called Burn Boot Camp, which allowed me to train clients, franchise partners and Burn Boot Camp trainers. It was a lot of fun and the most refreshing experience to date. However, I am back to what I believe to be “my calling,” which is teaching and coaching at the high school level. Although I was technically teaching and coaching at Burn Boot Camp, working with high school athletes seems to be my sweet spot. Crazy right?

 Side note: Everytime I talk to someone about coming back I think about the Macklemore song “Glorious,” because “I’m back like I never left.” Literally: I went back to the same school, the same position.

Now that I am back after a year away from high school scene, I have noticed that I am always asking myself and squeezing the following question out of our players – Why Coach?

On a personal level, I want to be to answer the question “Why Coach” with enthusiasm and passion,  without hesitation.

On a team level, I want my athletes to ask “Why Coach?” I feel that for our athletes to be able to take ownership, they need to understand the “why” in everything we do. Too many times we hear statements from coaches:

“Because I said so.” …or

“Don’t ask why – just get it done.” …or

“That’s just how we are doing it.”

Upon returning from Charlotte, I consciously decided I would not be a coach like that and that I would do anything in my power to assist student-athletes in understanding the bigger picture in the smallest of tasks. I also came home from Charlotte with an in-depth understanding of nutrition, fitness, efficiency, and culture that I could not let go to waste. I was ready to use my new knowledge in tandem with my coaching gig.

The saying goes, “ask, and you shall receive, ” and just like that, I asked to run the weight room for the Men’s Basketball team’s in-season training. I immediately removed all power lifts and heavyweight activities which sparked my beloved question,”Why Coach?”

 “Why aren’t we squatting?”

“Why aren’t we benching?

“Why are using dumbbells and kettlebells?”

 Why, why, why?

My face lit up like a Christmas tree. This is precisely what I was aiming to achieve. I now had their full attention and could explain to them the power of muscular endurance, stability, core, and flexibility. The culture shift has started. I had my student-athletes in a place of discomfort, and in discomfort, learning cultivates. My ability to respond to these questions in a timely fashion while facilitating the movements in real-time gave my athletes a sense of security and understanding.

There are so many opportunities out there for us to take on new learning experiences and to ask “Why Coach?” The true question is, are you prepared to answer every “Why Coach?” that you get asked.  Right now, I feel as though I am at a place where I can. My suggestion to you: be able to answer “Why ______” every morning with a burning passion and desire to learn.


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