Brewery/Beer Review – Santa Monica Brew Works

The motto is “Beach Brewed” and you can taste it in every beer they make. Santa Monica Brew Works is by far my favorite place to spend a Saturday afternoon drinking on the Westside.

I’ve been living here in Los Angeles for about 2 1/2 years and have had the chance to see this brewery go from being in every westside bar, to showing in the local grocery stores, to finally opening up the taproom for all the fans to enjoy their beers.

The beers are all fantastic but the atmosphere is as good as it gets. Open concept with a different food truck outside depending on the day of the week. The outline is very simple but is everything you need when looking for a place to drink. On most Saturdays, you’ll find this place to be packed with extremely happy people everywhere. Ranging from fresh out of college kids to young parents with their newborn babies.

santa monica brew works 2


As for the beers, they’ve continued to add more and more beers to the board but the staples are:

  • 310 – Blonde Ale
  • PCH – Golden Milk Porter
  • Wit – Modern Witbier
  • XPA – Xtra Pale Ale
  • IPA – Inclined IPA

I’ve tried every beer on the menu and love all of them. I said it earlier but each beer is light, refreshing, and makes you feel like you’re at the beach. Even the PCH is a much lighter porter than you would usually think.

I’ve been on a Hazy IPA kick as of late so my new favorite is the 19th and Haze IPA. Recommended by one of the guys working the front desk so I had high expectations going in and it didn’t disappoint. Light but still had the hoppiness to it that I like with a juiciness to it as well. Overall just an awesome beer at man awesome place.

santa monica brew works 11111


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