Globo Gym Workout

Foam roll   Back Squat 10/5/3/3/3/2 Band Shoulder Int/Ext rotations 4x10 Kettlebell Shoulder Press 3x6   BB RDL 3x6 BB Kneeling Shoulder Press 3x10   Hammer Curls 2x20 Zottman Curls 2x6   Calf Raises 3x15   Ab Rollers 3x15 Sauna 15 min    

30 Day Workout Challenge

Many New Years resolutions involve exercise and getting stronger.  Here's a very simple 30-day challenge that you can try on its own or add it to your existing workouts. Monday + Thursday - 100 squats Tuesday + Friday - 100 pushups Wednesday + Saturday - 100 crunches Sunday - Rest