Brewery Review – Mad Tree Brewing

This past weekend my brother and I found ourselves at Mad Tree Brewing Company in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It looked full when we entered the main room but somehow found two open seats at the main bar, right in front of the T.V. – off to a great start.

The servers were knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient. Any question we had they were there to answer and guide us in the right direction. They also had a big enough staff to handle the large Saturday crowd.

While it was packed, it didn’t feel overcrowded or cramped.  There were enough seats and tables to accommodate the peak day-drinking hours (12-4).   Some breweries go with the no T.V. policy, which is cool, but we wanted to watch some football so it was helpful that they had few going. Didn’t take away from the communal atmosphere but still gave us what we wanted.

Most importantly, The beers were awesome.  We tried a good amount and really enjoyed a couple.  My favorites were Psychopathy and EspressoSelf.  My brother kept going back to the DreamSicle

They had about 25 different beers available and they were $5-7 a beer.

Overall, we had an awesome couple of hours at Mad Tree and will definately be visiting again.



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