Slice of Life: Mike Bivens – Executive Coach

At Slice of Growth, we are always looking for new ways to grow and learn, which lead us to create our new series, “Slice of Life.”

In this, we ask a few fill in the blank type questions to successful people, industry experts, and individuals that represent the growth lifestyle.

Our Next Interviewee is Mike Bivens.  I was struggling trying to condense Mike’s extensive career into a few sentences so I turned to his LinkedIn page.  The passage below is taken from his LinkedIn and gives you a good idea as to what he has accomplished.

“Mike Bivens is passionate about leading and being a member of high performing teams. His business career and personal pursuits have led him into a lifetime quest of building great teams and developing leaders that deliver on character, integrity, and results.

Throughout his career with Kellogg’s, Mike has been assigned leadership roles in Sales, Marketing, and Human Resources. Bivens retired from the Kellogg Company after 31-plus years of service in April 2011. In his most recent position at Kellogg’s, Mike was accountable for the development of leaders throughout the entire Kellogg Company. Key deliverables included the development of the Kellogg Business Leader Model (KBLM), the identification, assessment, and development of executive talent at Kellogg’s, and the development of a Kellogg Business Leader learning and development curriculum for all leaders at Kellogg’s. He led the effort to establish the W. K. Kellogg Leadership Academy, which is focused on the accelerated development of the Top 150 Executive Leaders at the Kellogg Company globally. In this role, Mike successfully coached leadership teams, and individual executive leaders, to set direction, lead change, and develop high performing teams.

Mike’s experience at Kellogg’s, combined with his current Executive Coaching experiences, has helped him to determine the areas where he can help leaders impact their development and their business performance most. They include:
• Understanding the Differences between Managing and Leading
• Setting Direction
• Leading Change
• Developing High Performing Teams
• Leader As Coach

Bivens coaches individual leaders and leadership teams at several different companies including Autoneum, Coveris, Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan, Kellogg’s, Ryder Trucks, Spectrum Health, and Stryker.”

Mike is currently the President and founder of Be A Leader Coaching, LLC.


A single quote, idea, or mantra that I live by is…

“Be Fit Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically Every Day!  Be A Leader!


If money were not a factor I would be a…

MLB Baseball Scout


My favorite part of my current job is…

Using my skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience to make a positive impact on the people I coach. 


I measure success by…

Professionally: The number of people I help, support or impact in a positive way.

Personally: Time with my family!


One word to describe myself is…



If I could have dinner with two people (living or Dead) they would be…

John Wooden and Robin Williams


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