Globo Gym Workout

Today a trainer had mistaken me for one of his clients and was running an Alpha WOD class. He asked me why I was late to the class and almost immediately realized I wasn’t in fact his client. He proceed by asking me if I wanted to hop in and join where the class had last left off and I replied, “Of course, tell me what I’m doing and I’ll do it”.


5 rounds

  • Duel kettlebell front squats 6-8 (3sec desend 2sec hold)
  • Stairs 8 down 8 up
  • Single arm kettlebell snatch 10ea
  • Finish with 100 alternate sit ups




It was a great workout because I had no real plan coming into today besides doing some body weight lifts to get ready for hoops tonight. I felt that I used some different quick twitch muscles because I don’t do these type of workouts often and I’m going to incorporate these style of workouts into my routine.


P.S. Monta Ellis is still working out at my gym, will the 13 year vet get picked up this year?


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