Slice of Life: Meredith Byrd – Graphic Design/Digital Marketing

At Slice of Growth, we are always looking for new ways to grow and learn, which lead us to create our new series, “Slice of Life.”

In this, we ask a few fill in the blank type questions to successful people, industry experts, and individuals that represent the growth lifestyle.

Our second interviewee is Meredith Byrd, a Graphic Designer & Digital Marketing Professional whose creativity and drive has allowed her to work with many different companies over the years.  Meredith’s career ascension and outlook on life make her a perfect representation of the Growth Lifestyle.


Check out her website here —>



A single quote, idea, or mantra that I live by is…

“Choose to shine!”


If money were not a factor I would be a…

An interior decorator


My favorite part of my current job is…

I love getting to help people make their business more successful. I like to create new ideas, new graphics and I love the flexibility of it! 


I measure success by…

The happiness of people that mean the most to me.


One word to describe myself is…



If I could have dinner with two people (living or Dead) they would be…

Michelle and Barack Obama

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