Slice of Life: Mo Bivens – Yoga

At Slice of Growth, we are always looking for new ways to grow and learn, which lead us to create our new series, “Slice of Life.”

In this, we ask a few fill in the blank type questions to successful people, industry experts, and individuals that represent the growth lifestyle.

Our first interviewee is Mo Bivens, a yoga teacher with years of practice and teaching. Mo is highly respected in her industry and is a perfect representation of the Growth Lifestyle.

Check out her blog here —> MaureenBivens


A single quote, idea, or mantra that I live by is…

“Embrace your strength, honor your edge.”


If money were not a factor I would be a…

A fitness/yoga instructor…Brings me tremendous joy.


My favorite part of my current job is…

Helping people take care of themselves so they have the strength and stability to support the needs of others is what drives my passion for work.  I also enjoy helping people understand that self-care is not a selfish act.


I measure success by…

the positive responses that I receive as a result of my impact on others.


One word to describe myself is…

Which I know is so often overused, but important to me is “grateful.”


If I could have dinner with two people (living or Dead) they would be…

My parents, both at the same time, would make for a special dinner 🙂



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