3 Sisters Cafe

Breakfast on the weekend is something I enjoy very much in this life. Since I’ve been down in Indianapolis for several months I have been trying to find a couple of spots where I can go get a nice breakfast on a weekend morning. 3 sisters cafe is the latest spot I’ve been to and it’s located in Broad Ripple, just 10 minutes north of downtown. Now I go for the food but the other two elements that trump the food for me are the atmosphere and the coffee, nothing is better than a refreshing cup while trying to cure a hangover. For the atmosphere, the most important part of that is I have to be sitting outside.


Coffee- A

Very solid coffee here, it had a very pleasing taste that was bold and the aroma brought it all together.

Food- C

Our food was warm, at the most, once served to us. I ordered three over easy eggs, bacon, and two pieces of whole wheat toast and was pretty satisfied. The other two people who accompanied me were moderately satisfied with their food. One got an omelet and the other french toast. We were all pretty full after eating but the temperature of our food was a big minus for us.

Service- B

We were seated outside within about five minutes and just beat the early morning breakfast crowd. We had a younger female serving us and she was on top of refills all morning. Coffee and water was being consumed at a high rate at our table. Besides her wearing a hat with marijuana leaves all over it the service was above par.

Atmosphere- B+

The cafe is an older house and has been open for over 20 years, this gives it a nice relaxing feeling which sets the mood perfectly for breakfast. The porch out front had a couple tables on it and that’s where we sat on a beautiful and cool Sunday morning. 3 sisters is also located in the heart of Broad Ripple, which is a cute little town and the cherry on top for the atmosphere.

Overall- B

I will definitely be coming back for the coffee, atmosphere, and will give the food another chance. But for now, I will keep trying out new places so I can find my favorite spot.

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