September 11th, 2017 – Washed Up Athlete


Bench Press
Establish 5-rep max

Weighted Pull-ups


150 Push-ups for time
Every time you break the push-ups, do 20 Pull-ups

*A break in the push-ups is when something other than your hands, toes, or chest touch the floor, or if your hips break (sticking your butt up in the air, resting in a downward dog position is not permitted). No resting on the floor, chest should tap the floor only.


3 sets:
Incline DB 5×5 Force Set*
15 Bent Over Back Flys

*Force set works as so:
5 sets of 5 reps, with a 5 second hold at the bottom (bent arms, dumbbells at your chest) of the lift. So:

1. Start with arms extended, weights over chest.
2. Lower weights down and press up 5 times.
3. After the 5th press, lower weights down and hold at lowest position (bent arms, weights at chest) for 5 seconds.
4. Start pressing for the 2nd set of 5 reps.
5. You will therefore complete 5 total sets of 5, finishing with a 5 second pause at the end.

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