Professional Athlete – In-Season Training


1. Upper Body Warmup

Foam Roll – 1X10

Wall Angel – 1X10

Arm Int./Ext. Rotation – 1X10

Dual Arm Shoulder Extension – 1X10

Plan Press – Up Into Downward Dog 1X10

2. Strength 

D.B. Neutral Bench Press – 3X8

Superset w/

Pull Up OR Natural Grip Lat. Pulldown – 3X8

3. Strength

TRX Press OR 2 Hand Med Ball Push-Up – 3X10

Superset w/

Lunge Position 1 Arm DB Row  OR cable Row – 3X10

4. Strength/Explosive

Standing Pulldown OR D.B. Pullover – 2X8

Superset w/

Rotational Throwdown (3 heavy/Light) – 2X3(3)


Elbow Care – BI/Tri/Forearm Circuit – 2X10







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