College Athlete Notebook – Decision Making

As a college athlete, you’re faced with a different set of challenges each day.  Your decisions ultimately determine your achievement on and off the field, along with the success of your physical and mental health.  It’s essential to identify what’s important to you, while also learning decision-making skills that enable your overarching goals. There are a lot of distractions at school, good and bad, these are some notes on how to thrive in this dynamic climate.

Disclaimer – Like everyone, I make some reckless/dumb/fun decisions here and there, always something to learn from.

The Ripple Effect

“The continuing and spreading results of an event or action.”

The event is the stone, and the ripple is everything that it affects.

Every decision I make affects more than just me; therefore I’m forced to broaden my outlook.

Here’s how I categorized my ripple

My teammates >>> Program (Culture) >>> University >>> Family >>> Community >>> Career >>> Life

Seeing the ripple made it clear to me. More importantly, I realized that a 5-second decision could drastically alter the rest of my life.

Science: In our early college years, the frontal lobe is still developing. The frontal lobe controls our emotions and is the center and home of our personality, thus making it difficult for college kids to make perfect decisions.

Ways to improve decision-making

+ Good Sleep and proper nutrition

+ Daily Routines

+ Plan today

+ To do list(s)

+ Hang around good people

+ Add to culture (Team, friend group)

+ Awareness of the Ripple Effect

+ Have a vision or goal

+ Put ego aside

+ When in doubt, ask an expert

+ Think before you tweet


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