The Season: Volume 4

Nashville, Tennesee.

Our latest stop featured the country music capital, Nashville, Tennesse, aka Nashvegas. For me, Nashville has always meant baseball, and it still does, but this trip I was able to experience a little bit more of the city.  We lucked out, The streets were lively with SEC basketball fans flooding the area for the conference tournament.  All of the bars were packed so we wondered a little bit until we wound up in the Wildhorse saloon.  Wildhorse is a triple decker bar with good live music, some line dancing, and really solid food, a tough trio to nail but they did it.  We were only able to spend one night downtown but it was a blast.  Outside of downtown, Nashville has some other great spots.  We stayed around Vanderbilt’s campus, which is tucked right into the city.  Right across from our hotel was a small restaurant called Hattie B’s.  Every single minute that Hattie’s was open the line was out the door so I knew that I had to try it.  The people were right, Hattie’s was legit. They served up some of the best chicken that I’ve ever had. Overall, I’ve always loved Nashville and this trip solidified my opinion.  My friends and I are already planning a trip back.

The baseball was good too.










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