Five Things I’ve Learned From Cutting My Own Hair

It’s been about four years since I started cutting my own hair. I’ve never really reflected until now to see how far I’ve come since that first “attempt,” I won’t even call that one a haircut. I’ve learned a lot about cutting hair along the way, but the life lessons I’ve learned are better than any trick or tip. This are some of the takeaways I’ve had:

  1. Be patient 
  • When the idea of cutting my own hair popped into my head I thought, “How hard could it be?” Well, I soon found the answer to be: pretty stinkin’ tough! Just like anything in life, learning a new skill takes time. I was eager to study, absorb, and then apply any knowledge I could get my hands on. I’ve been doing it for a little over four years now, and I still feel like a novice. Being an expert in anything takes time and patience. Enjoy the process.
  1. Stay humble
  • Nothing is more humbling than walking around with a messed up haircut for a couple of weeks. During those early days something like that was a constant reminder that there was room to improve. This lesson goes well beyond cutting my own hair. I’ve applied this to many things in my life. Never get to high on yourself, but always have pride. There is a major difference between arrogance and self-respect.
  1. If you feel passionate about something- PURSUE IT.
  • It started off with something I wanted to try; little did I know that it would become one of my passions in life. I started off cutting my own hair, and then as time passed my friends even started asking me to cut their hair. I guess that reassured me that I must be doing okay in terms of quality. I’m so glad I decided to stick with it. Not only do I love doing it, but it’s a major stress reliever for me now that I’ve grown accustomed to the process.
  1. Feedback is great- don’t be afraid of honesty.
  • Occasionally, I will cut hair for my friends and family; I only have two rules: 1.) You can’t pay me. 2.) You have to tell me if I mess up so I can make it right, and see how true of a friend you are if you come back (totally joking). Accepting feedback can be tough– embrace it, welcome it, take it in stride. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.
  1. Life doesn’t always go as planned, but it always goes on.
  • Mistakes happen, learn from them. Don’t devalue the lesson just because it came from a mistake. Knowledge is knowledge.

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