Book Notes: The Compound Effect


The Compound Effect: Darren Hardy

  • Real success cannot be achieved through quick fixes
  • Remove the excess
  • Compound effect is a realistic method that enables success by use of 6 fundamentals
  • 6 fundamentals = operating system
  • “Small, smart choices + Consistency + Time = Radical Difference”
  • These little details compound over time to achieve BIG THINGS

Magic Pennies

  • Have to start somewhere (Even if it is a minuscule step)
  • Process focused & continuous growth
  • Be mindful to not disregard the simple/boring steps, must see the big picture

EX: Would you rather be given 1 million dollars today… or a penny doubled every day for 30 days?


At first, the million dollars seems more attractive, but because of the compound effect, the penny is the correct choice and produces a greater return in the long run.

  • Those that focus on small steps like the penny, extract greater benefit when compounded over time. Those who focus on quick gratification, such as the lump million-dollar sum, will fall behind
  • If we hang around successful people then we have a greater chance of being successful.
  • Make yourself someone you’d want to hang around
  • Daily routine is extremely important

My routine when I get to the baseball field every day: Put my phone away > Eat > hang with teammates > rehab > pre-practice training > coffee > Training

Mundane, Unsexy

  • The path to success is often boring and lacks attraction
  • We usually only notice the great things someone has done, not realizing all the work they put into it.
  • Very easy to stay in our comfort zone
  • Personal growth comes from leaving our comfort zone

Start Tracking

  • Understand what we want to achieve, and then bring awareness and attention to it by daily focus.
  • “Track every action that relates to the area of your life that you want to improve.”

Behave Yourself

  • Internal motivation must be greater than instant satisfaction
  • Ask yourself, what gets in the way of me achieving this goal?
  • What aids me in achieving my goal?
  • Simple – Winning formula.

Hello, Mr. MO!

  • Once started, it’s easier to keep rolling.
  • It’s all about exertion of force in the right direction
  1. Make new choices based on goals
  2. Work through positive behaviors
  3. Repeat until it’s a habit
  4. Build in routines into daily life
  5. Stay consistent for a long time

Bookend Your Days

  • Usually, we have great control over the end and beginning of days.
  • Starting and ending our day with a positive, consistent routine can make a huge impact.
  • Can’t have a sandwich without the bread because it holds everything together.

First thing in the morning, I Make my bed (1st win of the day)… Last thing at night, I Read.

  • Early morning thoughts are usually clear and rich.
  • Bookending our days make us feel that we’ve accomplished something and can get us back to neutral.

The Next Five Years

  • Looking back to the last 5 years, are we where we had planned to be?
  • Focus on improving in the areas where we lack and keep the momentum going in the positive areas of our life.

One thought on “Book Notes: The Compound Effect

  1. Jake, I like what you stated about personal growth comes from leaving your comfort zone. I am 57 and find that leaving your comfort zone becomes more difficult the older we get. I have set personal goals for 2017 and one of them is trying to get out of my comfort zone as much as possible. Never too old to keep growing. I’m enjoying all of the posts on this blog. Keep them coming.


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