The Clouds and The Dirt

The Clouds= The high-end philosophy and beliefs that are at the heart of everything you are personally and everything you do professionally

  • The Clouds don’t just represent the big picture; they represent everything. They are not goals. Goals can be achieved and set aside or moved. Buying a sports team is considered a goal. It drives you, but it is not the core of how you run your business.

The Dirt= Being the practitioner and executing towards those clouds. It’s all the hard work.

The Goal is to start pushing towards both ends. Get comfy up in the clouds and start to work towards building your way up to it.

Raise the bar on your business philosophy, and dig deeper into your craft. You have to simultaneously think at a high level but also be willing to get your hands dirty.

Great Leaders= Highly Visual and Highly Practical

Cash=Oxygen. Strengths=DNA

Focus on your strengths and drill deep with them

  • Develop and cultivate your strengths because they will be the hallmark of your company
  • Bet on your strengths

-We need profits to live but we don’t live for profits. We live for a higher purpose and use those profits to serve the bigger end

-Focus on your strengths: Double down on your talents at every turn


Talent x Effort = Skill ———-> Skill x Effort = Achievement

  • Approach your entire life with fierce intensity that cherishes your precious time and energy

Practice the Religion of Providing Value

Don’t close too early

  • Focus on providing value rather than just completing the sale
  • Be one of the few to strive for providing as much value as possible to your valued customers

Be Willing to Suck

  • Stop doing things that make you unhappy
  • Is there anything that you need to decide to suck at so you can walk your own heroic path?



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