The Little Guy – Records from the youngest sibling


That’s me, the tiny blonde fella in the front, little brother to 1 rad sister and 2 cool brothers.

No matter the pros or cons, I’ve found that you have to embrace this role and enjoy being the little guy, attention grabber, or the baby of the family.  There are a few things that every youngest sibling goes through.

Hand-me-downs – Even if you don’t want them, they’re yours. I wore some of the ugliest clothing growing up because I knew that my older siblings had worn them, too. I’d think, “if they thought it was cool then so do I.” They knew that if they didn’t like something then they could give it to me and it I’d wear it. Hand-me-downs are a staple of being the youngest and wearing old clothes is something that I take pride it.

I was able to see and do things at a younger age  – It feels like I’ve graduated high school 4 times already. I’ve been able to see my older siblings go through different life experiences and concurrently gone through them myself. I was dragged to many different events because there was nowhere else to put me, and as the youngest, I experienced many amazing trips and experiences through my siblings. My turn would come, I just had to patiently wait until these moments would become my own someday.

Toughness – When speaking on roles, I was also the test dummy and punching bag. Due to an unfair, rough football game with my siblings, I once had a broken arm for 2 weeks and didn’t even know.  On the other hand, my sister dressed me up as a girl a few times so maybe it all evens out.  In the end, though, the light teasing and bruising may have got to me at times but it definitely made a stronger person in the long run.

Any mistakes that they’ve made, I’ve able to learn from, and all the good things that they’ve done, I’ve followed suit.  Not a bad gig!



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