Book Notes – Wooden

John Wooden

Process focused, growth minded individual

Didn’t focus on results or outcomes

The scoreboard will take care of itself if you focus on the process

Become a little better each day

Encouraged players to become 1% better every day -> adds up over time

Limit outside noise, or the uncontrollable’s, focus on the controllable’s

The only thing that matters is TODAY

Your career = today + today + today…etc.

Identify what you need to do and commit to it.

Kaizen = process of continuous improvement

Giving thanks

Gratitude is a fundamental value of good leaders

Have a great deal of perspective. Recognize the great things that you DO have

Proven Happiness booster


There’s a difference between striving for perfection and actually attaining it

Doing the best with what you have, that’s what counts.

-Fall in love with the process-

It’s not bad to want perfection but it may not always be realistic

The Realistic Optimist

Set achievable and clear goals, work hard towards them, keep thoughts positive

Find the sweet spot. Not too lofty, not too easy.

“We should keep our dreams within the realm of possibility— difficult but possible—and make every effort to achieve them.” Wooden

The Fundamentals

Must take care of the small details in order for the big things to be possible. Little things = Big things

Wooden created a culture that fostered attention to detail

Taught players how to put on their socks

Identify the staples of your life and simplify.

No shortcuts. Focus on the process

My Staples:

  1. Exercise/Train daily
  2. Invest in relationships
  3. Eat well

Wooden on success 

Do YOUR best

Only you know what your 100% is and if you’re giving everything

Can’t b.s. the mirror

Championships, awards, and fortune are all products of success

It’s all about the team

Put more significance on the team than your own achievement



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