Triathlon Training Week 2

Just because you see the workouts set up Monday through Friday, does not mean you have to complete them on those exact days. Many times athletes will take a day off in their work week to simply recover and work on maintaining a solid mindset. I on the other hand want to get my workouts done in a weeks time so that I may enjoy all the weekend has to offer.

Wherever you may beΒ in your training, let’s get after it this week. If you had a rough week prior, leave it in the past and move forward. No time for excuses.

By the way……. If you are looking for some music to jam to while you ride/run, check out the “Friday Morning Bangers” also a part of our blog.

    • Monday: Swim 10 x 50 meters (30 – 45 second rest between each)
    • Tuesday: Combo: 1:00/1:00 run/walk ratio x 8, followed by 25 minutes of biking.
    • Wednesday: Swim 10 x 50 meters (30 – 45second rest between each)
    • Thursday: Brick: 25 minute bike + 20 minute run (steady)
    • Friday:Β 35 minute bike (steady) + 25 minute stretch/foam roll


Deuces my people,



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