January 26th, 2017 – College Athlete Training

Bench Press

1X5 – 55%

1X5 – 60%

3X10 – 65%

Superset (2,1,4 second tempo)

Push Ups (Add Weight if Necessary) – 3X10

Med Ball Chest Pass – 3X10

Superset #2 (1,1,2 second tempo)

Pull Ups – 3X8

Med Ball Slams – 3X8

Upper body (2,1,4 seconds tempo)

Tricep Press downs – 3X8

EZ Bar Skullcrushers – 3X8

DB Kickbacks – 3X8

Forearm Circuit

Barbell Wrist Extension – 3X10

Barbell Wrist Flexion – 3X10

Hand shakers – 3X10

Plate Pinch – Record time – 3 sets

Extra: Step Down Box Jumps – 5 sets for 30 seconds each

Explanation: Step off of smaller raised platform (6-12 inches off the ground), then immediately explode into a jump and land with both feet on a taller box (your Preference), repeat.



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