The Guide to a Fruitful and Fulfilling Life (Part 1) – Introduction

You’re probably thinking, “Wow, another awesome contributor to my favorite blog A Slice of Growth!?” Please, don’t get your hopes up as I ease into this chapter of my life. I’m a longtime social media/internet fan, but a first time blogger. Luke (my roommate/teammate/and lifetime friend I met during college) came to me with the idea of writing some content. Luke always comes to me with great ideas, so I was pretty stoked that he thought I would have cool enough things to say; and that he thought people would want to read these said “cool things”.

So here I am. My passions in life are nature, sports, fitness, traveling, cooking, and family/friendships. I enjoy learning new things which is evident as I enter my seventh year of college. I’m currently CRUSHING the Masters of Business Administration program at Northwood University – DeVos Graduate School.  I’m am blessed with an awesome fiancé, Gabrielle, who is my travel/workout/cooking buddy for life. So that’s pretty rad. I’m sure you’ll learn more about me as I start pumping out some thrilling content!

I want to start out with a mini series. I guess I’ll call it “Tyler Beatty’s Guide to a Fruitful and Fulfilling Life” a Slice of Growth original mini series. Below I listed the topics that I will be discussing in three separate posts.

  • Intro (Part 1)
  • Prioritizing your life (Part 2)
  • Quitting doesn’t make you a quitter (Part 3)
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety of life (Part 4)

I like to keep things light and fun. However, I would like to discuss some real life content. I’ve learned so much about life through my struggles along the way, and hope to help anyone going through the same things.

I’m looking forward to this experience and sharing tidbits of my life along the way!